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>> good morning our top story that we are following is the weather. you can see storm tracker 4 is showing rain particular have been
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out in the east. we do have live pictures to show you. on the left side is the golden gate bridge and on right here is the san mateo bridge. it is wet everywhere and it is causing problems. we have had instances of flooding and george will follow-up with this. >> let's start out in the weather center with mark. >> we have been watching the storm and we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. this was overflowing and they issued a flood warning in petaluma. >> livermore at interstate 580 is a tough commute. if you can just imagine what the rain is doing here. the main front is passing through and we're starting to see some clearing. this flood watches in effect for the next 15 minutes periods >. this is a pretty slow
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moving system and i do not believe that it will be going anywhere anytime soon. the heaviest rain will be with us for the next few hours. the showers should taper off as we go into afternoon. >> heavy rain as you can see on your screen is in walnut creek stretching down to highway 24. for you that are traveling to union city is not too bad. there is some light rain for surface streets for the east bay interior valleys. there is light ran for petaluma. it looks like just like mine for san francisco and the heaviest rain is in east san jose. the showers are really coming down and they're
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coming down really strong. the rain fall rates were up and they have picked up in some spots along with the rain we are dealing with strong winds. fairfield had wins up to 20 mi. per hour. this could really improve and we may have hazardous driving conditions on the bridges. >> into 7:00 a.m. we will have had almost 2 in. of rain. a little bit over a half an inch for san francisco. we do have the potential for mudslides and flooding. this will be especially on sunday. >> we will start with an update from the dublin interchange. we have mike pelton who is covering this. westbound 580 was completely shut down for two hours. the
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chp estimate is 6:00 a.m. and there were able to get the lines open. >> this is solid red on the roadway and will soon man so that you can see this piece from some of the drivers. there is 3 mi. per hour drive for the west of cars. you this see that it is quite jammed up here. the back of reach all the way into the alta mount pass way. adjutancy 84 leading down to the pigeon pass way it was backed up and many people bailed out in this direction. all lanes are open here but a another problem developed. it is here at the bay bridge westbound. if you're looking at the upper deck and what to do not see is the lights that are along the
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suspension span. the lights are out on the bridge and the toll sergeant stated that all of their lights are out. >> i understand that fasttrack is still working. i spoke with caltran and asks them what would happen if the metering lights are not activated. the metering lights are not on right now but will they have any power to turn the morning? if they're not then you may have a real problem for the bridges. >> rain and wind are making things difficult for people on the road as you just saul with george. >> commuters be where. i was a man on the freeway because i just want to show you how much standing water
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is out here. look at all the water that is splashed is people drive bass. there are so many standing water puddles out here. i was given a little nervous to reach for my cup of coffee because you should have both of your hands on a will. you know one of over 50 m.p.h. because it is to bed. >> if you hippo this can startle you and you can be able to lose control. >> there are several times when i felt that i was one dead of hydroplaning reported it was one of those things you devlin do not want to do. do not someone your brakes because you will go flying. you just have to be careful and take it slow. sometimes another card can be in front of you and they can do that and it would be trouble for you if you slam into the back of them. >> we have the latest number
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from pg&e with the power outages around the bay. the numbers just came up about 20 minutes ago. there 5800. in the north without power. 4700 at the peninsula and 2500 people in the south bay and about a thousand people in sonoma. there are 200 right now in the east bay in this city of san jose. alarm is now reaching have it. >> i wanna give you a quick update on the situation with proposition 8. we are more than two years after a federal judge ruled the this was unconstitutional. the supreme court today can take up this landmark decision and if the court the let's not hear it then gay and lesbians here in california who waited to tie the knot will be allowed to do so.
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this may be as early as next week. if the justices decide to take this case of been a ruling may not come down until sometime next year. if that means the same sex marriage will be on hold until the rule is handed out from the court. that was announced as some monday or they could announce it later on today. >> lawmakers for health care practitioners will counsel gate people are asking them to block the therapy. the court hearing is scheduled in sacramento on a request by four councilors who practice this and they consider this reparative therapy and to families to stay that their son was helped by this treatment. the law signed by governor brown and october should take effect it refers and it will prohibit therapist - special >> the los gatos police
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department is investigating a home invasion possible homicide. a woman was tied up in her home a run to this morning and the neighborhood is currently blocked off by police at campbell and sunnyvale police. k-9 units have been called in to help. we will take a quick break is 6:08 a.m.. our weather is the big story here is a live look outside it is hard to make out just exactly how much rain is coming out. we will get an update in just a bit.
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>> we are back is 6:11 a.m.. >> the heaviest rain is shown in yellow. this is over concord and over the delta. looked at the ride off 580 from tracy. you see twe have rain and we have wind. we have new video and decision on a tree that fell down in burlingame. this is on the norton avenue and this is probably the first of many shots like this that we will see throughout the day. we know pg&e are going
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around the bay area tried to give power restored. >> we will continue with our weather story and we are watching wall street a day weather story and we are watching wall street a day after (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters.
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nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious. >> welcome back to kron 4 morning news. >> there are hot spots and problems at the bay bridge.
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there's also flooding around the bay area. >> bank you for joining us sgt. can you tell us about the current conditions and about the bay bridge? >> there is a concern regarding to the beginning of the traffic commute. we asked people especially during the darkness to drive within their headbands. this means that if you are driving too fast you will not be able to see any type of debris or branches that may be on the roadway. >> do not overdrive your headlights and if someone should encounter high standing water and feel that they're staring will get loose and they start hydroplaning what advice can you give them? >> the best devadvice would be for you not to apply your brakes. if you do you will
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lose the affects of your staring. the best thing for you to do is that if your around someone that is hydroplaning you should make sure the try to steer away from them. because you have to continue until those tires and repair roadway. >> sergeant you may have not heard about the problem with the power at the bay bridge this morning here is a live shot that shows the suspension span and we know that the lights are on the bridges and that the toll plaza. the question is whether or not the metering lights are on a separate circuit and whether or not it will be activated. you have any information about that? >> yes. they are currently working on the situation and they are alerted. as far as the connection with the power outage i believe that it is all on one circuit so this is something that we
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should be concerned about. >> this was a sergeant from the highway patrol that had good advice on how to deal with hydroplaning. >> the lights are out of the question is whether or not the metering lights are activated. the reports that i received was that the allies were not even showing up green. they are not yet available and this can be a major snag on the bridge. without being me to on the traffic will just a very heavy. >> westbound inner section 580 all lines were shut down and they are now open for about 15 minutes. what a back up this has received. the drive time cannot commute because they are moving so slow. if the sensors cannot even calculate the drive time. last time it was a 64 minute
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drive over one hour from alta mount pass way to the dublin interchange. >> it looks like the main front is such a waited over the bay area right now. as you take a look all of this yellow and green does indicate moderate rain. as use of man we are picking of heavy rain in fact in walnut creek and the rain is falling about to tens of an inch per hour. this is heading into the san ramon valley. this ran is born to continue to push its way through east. we are saying heavy rain over the dumbarton bridge and we will try to attract this to see where it will go from here. >> let's assume men to see exactly when this will hit. it will make its way east
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and it will continue and it doesn't look like it will hit in major cities. there is light rain for some of the surface streets and it is not to bed for the north bay. down in the south bay it looks like there's heavy ran around palo alto reported the weather is not too bad for cupertino. we do see some heavy rain and this is over highway 237. if you should try with extra caution and i will not be surprised if we see any puddling or pounding. this is going to continue to push its way through and as you can see some of the surface streets are now impacted. >> future cast 4 still contents with heavy rain for most of the bay area. as we advance to 11:00 a.m. it
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will start to break up. heading into tomorrow morning it will be just like rain. we do have more rain to talk about and heavy rain will start to approach on sunday morning. keep your umbrellas handy and here is a look at rainfall totals. it is already relatively impressive san francisco had an inch of rain and the same as for oakland. 2.6 in. forced the santa rosa area. in terms of your watches and warnings we have several or around area. we have wind advisory ups and flood warnings pre-empts as we advanced to the 7 day around the bay there is a lot rain is still ahead of us. >> we should be dry by monday and the showers may continue to wednesday. >> this is just south of
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philadelphia and we had a freight train that derailed. it is not spelling vinyl chloride it and this is highly toxic and flammable. 18 people have been complaining about shortness of breath and there have been evaluations in the area. we do not know how this happened before cars when off the track and into this creek just south of philadelphia. people are complaining about breathing problems. in bay area and the rules there is a 13 year-old girl who is recovering after she was a gang rape by a 23 year-old. this stated that this girl knew her attacker and a fat she and the suspect had been
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drinking together earlier in the evening and before 10:00 a.m. the suspect allegedly with the tanker. all three suspects face sexual assault charges. in oakland a new crime suspension is that oakland city hall. this will pay for a class in 2013. oakland police chief howard jordan says that they have also resigned officers from different parts of the department to improve their staff in the field. as well as adding more officers to their gang investigations unit. the council will take their first look in january after the new council members are sworn in. >> a historic oyster farm along 0.3 gas national seashore in shutting down. you as interior secretary
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ken salazar says he would not renew the drakes bay oyster companies when it expires at the end of the month. he visited the oyster farm last week and he said that he believes the treasured lasted should be returned to wilderness for future generations to enjoy. >> power is out on the bay bridge and will have more on that in a minute.
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>> we're back at 6:26 a.m.. >> we do have wet weather around the bay area and you probably heard it falling. it is still out there and the pockets of yellow that you see on the map is where the most intense showers are. they are clustered in the east and the south bay. the recent storms are welcome news for ski results and lake tahoe area. >> this video from heavenly mountain resorts. groomers rolled through the area to check on conditions. three to 6 in. of snow when say are expecting much more new snow through sunday. norstar meantime, receive 7 in. of fresh snow. more than 7 ft.
6:28 am
is forecast in higher elevations. will take a at 6:27 a.m. and will have the latest on the forecast. we do have wet weather all around. the markets are set to start and we will have the latest numbers from wall street.
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>> welcome back. we had dial futures up. we did have disappointing news for consumer spending. the consumer spending dropped and this is mainly due to super storm sandy peopl. this is due to people being unemployed. will bring you the numbers from wall street drop the number. no time there is pretty bad and press the rainfall that is coming down and now we're seeing some flooding.
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>> the heavier then start in concord walnut creek. it is not as intense as what is what wethere is heavy rain in te walnut creek area. there is rain fall more than a 10th of an inch in certain areas. light ran for the shore freeway and there are no longer heavy over the dumbarton bridge. a lot of the rand has pushed his way through the a's. as we turn our attention to the south bay it is a trek to when it will impact you. as we take
6:32 am
a look that when that will hit the south bay it looks like you will be under some heavy rain and about 6:42 a.m.. you should really be prepared for this and as we head into the afternoon the showers will start to taper off. we do have strong whins up to 20 m.p.h. for places like half moon bay. we do have a flash flood warning to and 9:00 a.m.. as we head into tomorrow we still could see some showers ruling on and off. >> as we head into sunday storm no. 3 will arrive sometime betweebe to waive 60 7:00 a.m.. aof chang aren't for
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the forecas and we do have more rain on the waythe westboun the bay bridge is having-- the lights on the suspension span is back on so this is good news at least half of the problem has been resolved. when i spoke with caltran just before the broad crabroadcasts that were nt able to tell may but last check the metering lights were still flashing and they were completely blank and they do not seem to be activated yet. the crews are working on the situation and they have managed to get at least part of the lights back on. the problem is that if you do not have me
6:34 am
realize the traffic will just slow and back up at the base of the incline. >> we will see major problems and this will not be-fresh again portions of this issue can see is back on. it there is another problem westbound 580 or one hour drive times now. this is from the dublin interchange. all of the westbound traffic was diverted on 680 northbound when a semi truck crash. they have cleared this 30 minutes ago but resort teen back up is still here. >> let's go back outside as we continue our team coverage of the weather and traffic. >> it looks like some of the
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wind has calmed down but it is still out here. it is not as bad as it was an hour ago. you have to worry about the rain not stopping. there is a lot puddling on the roads and you can see how wedded is and how much water is being splashes these cars drive by. you need to be concerned because i was driving and i ran into a puddle and i felt that my car was on to go on the air. >> we are watching the conditions on the road and the wind is doing a good job moving the water around and is making it difficult for you to drive. there also trees that are falling. >> pg&e reported that 9700 people are without power in the bay area. we still have 5000 people in the north
6:36 am
bay without power. the polemicist the numbers are at 1300 and sonoma has about 1100. 850 in the south bay and 200 and these bay. 140 in san francisco on 100 and san jose. these numbers are coming down a bit we now have the heavy rain. mike pelton is now live in castro valley. >> you concede there are a few cars that are here this morning and the rain is just pouring down. as sisal my camera then you could see the water that is falling off of buildings. and all of these cars are having their when shell wipers on full blast. i will show you some of the roadways. this storm
6:37 am
that we saw the other day will taper off but it will start again. the past to three hours it has just a corner ran out here. we are not showing any signs of letting up. >> we will keep tracking the storm for you as is pushing through the south and the east bay. >> a state appeals court has of hail to the first- degree murder conviction of a man who shot and killed in antioch woman after he burglarized her apartment. alfred jones was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the murder of cheryl ann macey. witnesses say that in march of 2004 he was seen leaving the woman's apartment with a box of video games and other items.
6:38 am
macy started shouting at the men and jones pulled out a gun and shot her. the appeals court stated that they had enough evidence and testimony from other people took up old jones conviction. >> we will continue to follow the weather and this is the top story. for portions of the bay bridge the lights are back on and they have been out for about an hour. we will be back they have been out for about an hour. we will be back with when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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>> rain is still bay area wide with intense showers beginning to pop up in the north bay. we have seen relatively heavy showers and the north bay which is getting hammered all morning long. here is a shot of
6:42 am
limbs from trees that came down on the roadway. this is in the north bay. this one is at sfo and you can see this when it is by the traffic light and the rain is coming in sideways. great shots, keep them coming in. we're trying to show how the storm is being experienced all over the bay area. breaking news at kron4 .com is where to send it as well as the facebook and twitter feed. >> the 2012 hurricane season ends today. the third most active hurricane season on record with 19 storms and one became a major hurricane. this is the seventh straight year that the u.s. avoided a major
6:43 am
hurricane hitting land fall. sandy was no longer considered a hurricane when it hit. it was a post tropical storm. not technically a hurricane when it hit landfall. >> it is 6:42 a.m. and we will be back erica as in the weather center putting together the latest information for you. george is going to give you a look at the ride out there and some spots are getting awfully sluggish with all the wet weather in accidents this morning. here is a live look at san jose, we will be right back.
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>> added 6:46 a.m. and storm tracker 4 is all lit up. it is pouring in the east bay and some of our south bay spots. there is some light rain in the north bay right now and the coast is not too bad. it is not too bad of a ride for the mid peninsula.
6:47 am
rainfall rates in walnut creek is coming down almost to its hands of an inch per hour. drive with extra caution heading into the san ramon valley. also seeing some heavy rain a little more than a 10th of an inch for those of you commuting along highway 4. the 880 area heading closer towards milpitas there is pretty heavy rain and as continue to push its way east. sam francisco downtown just has some light rain as well as pacific heights. daly city has light rain but it was heavier earlier this morning. you can still run into some pondering. water levels are running rising and small creeks and streams. west and east of palo alto sunnyvale heavy rain is coming down consistently in the los gatos area. highly 237
6:48 am
really heavy rain especially on the eastern end of the freeway. light rain in the san jose area. the cell is having its way east and will continue to move closer to downtown san jose area. it is coming down in some spots. we still have some moisture sitting off shore. we have a lot moist air associated with this system and this really does open the door for some lingering showers. you can see little blue in your screen and that is around lake tahoe area. we're seeing sort of wet snow right now is still little warmer up there. he could see up to 20 in. of snow above 7,000 ft.. if you are added in that direction bring your chains. winter weather advisory as well as a wind advisory is in effect
6:49 am
so drive with caution. in the 7:00 hour the heavy rains will still be impacting the bay area. still contending with some strong winds, up to 20 mi. an hour coming in from the southeast. there may be some break up and ran around san rafael and capering showers as we wait at 7:00 saturday morning. there is another system that will roll through overnight saturday into sunday. heavy rain is expected for the north bay first. it said they will really be a downer because the moisture will really impact the ground and we could see more downed trees and power lines. power outage are certainly a possibility. rainfall totals 7:00 a.m. almost 3
6:50 am
in. and napa up almost 2 for santa rosa and san rafael. a lot of rain, the system served in the northay first. two and half an concord and pretense of an inch in san jose. over three and a half inches for and napa and the will increase as we finish up the weekend but dryer conditions by monday. we're still contending with a flash flood watch for the north interior valleys. we have wind advisories for the sacramento valley the delta and the east bay hills as well. the cautious if you're driving in high. 7 day around the bay rain into the weekend and you can put away it on monday but then bring it back out tuesday and wednesday when showers return. >> accidents flooding and power outage a really
6:51 am
snarling the commute this morning. the lights at the bay bridge have been activated on the west and then along the back. they were out for a while. there is no confirmation that they have been activated here at the toll plaza. it does not appear as if the metering lights are active. if they where you would see backups across all the lanes. fasttrack is working but we have no confirmation that the metering lights have been activated. he may have an easier time at the toll plaza but you will have a slower ride across the span. interstate 580 westbound is still jammed up all the way through the altamont pass. earlier morning problems have the dublin westbound shut down for two hours. there's an eastbound
6:52 am
accident near the 2 05 interchange involving too big rigs that blocked three lanes of interstate 58. if you ran the not commute direction from the livermore valley headed toward the central valley be prepared for delays. pick an alternate route, maybe it will use route 152. in the south bay a couple of problems for you. the worst flooding on the guadalupe parkway northbound taylor street. 280 heading northbound slow with earlier occuring problems at winchester that backed up the ride. the extreme south bay 1 01 northbound coming out of morgan hill at cochrane road all the right lanes are blocked with an accident. as was the ride head up towards 85. san mateo bridge highway 92 traffic is moving pretty
6:53 am
well. the deck is very wet right now. the golden gate bridge is also a wet ride through marin county. shall the getting word that 1 0121 there 80 may be closed because of the flooding there. we will check it out and our next report. >> brian wilson becoming a free agent today. he missed almost all of last season and is recovering from his second elbow surgery. because of collecting bar any agreement they cannot cut his salary by more than 20%. they may try and offer him a tender offer with an incentive to contract instead. we'll have to wait to see ed brian wilson will be a part of the giants next season.
6:54 am
will there be an nhl hockey season? they made no progress in helping the players and owners get together with the deal. there left to their own devices once again. 75 days into the lock out with no end in sight. the lockout has ari canceled games through december 48 and the winter classic. schools and contra costa county have been ordered to reduce suspenses the 25%. wednesday night there is a vote to approve the mandate. the goal is to create more school funding for the district's schools which receives state dollars based on average daily attendance rates. 25 percent reduction of suspension has to be implemented by the end of the school year. a judge has dismissed a christian lawsuit to force; to open space and it's part 2 have a they to be displayed. there has been
6:55 am
any to be seen in palisades park for decades. the city banned private unattended displays at the park. an attorney for the group plans to appeal this latest ruling. nine castro valley and you can see the rain is coming down pretty hard. the north bay saw quite a bit of it earlier in the morning and we'll have more on your forecast coming up in a bit.
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6:58 am
widespread rain across the bay area a major power outage as well. we'll have the latest numbers and a bit. my turn your morning commute we will check in with george and find out
6:59 am
where the hot spots are out there when the kron4 news continues.

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